If you already have a conflict:


A conflict resolution workshop (for a team) or a mediation (for 2-3 conflict parties) help you to solve conflicts, settle disputes, soften up the obstinately rigid fronts, solve cross cultural misunderstandings or escalating team feuds – to then be able to work on a constructive and cooperative basis.


To avoid conflicts:


To reach joint agreements, formulate strategies by common accord, arrange ownership succession or find mutual solutions, a mediator can act as a neutral third party and moderate the process, leading toward a win-win situation.


If the second conflict party doesn’t want a mediation:


Then we would use the technique „one party mediation“ and find solutions and strategies to solve the conflict with the other party being absent.


What is a mediation or a conflict resolution workshop?


It is a process in which a neutral third party assists conflicting parties in reaching a voluntary agreement. Mediators facilitate communication between negotiating parties, help them understand each other’s position and interests, find efficient solutions to contentious issues and enable the parties to settle disagreements independently. The main goal of any mediation is the amicable settlement of disputes.


Why am I the right person for you?


My inner attitude is characterized by tolerance and mutual respect, I face each person with  appreciation and full consideration of their cultural background. As business mediator, I concentrate on leading the process and stay neutral and unbiased. All information you give me, stays with me. My experience as employee and team leader help me understand and empathize with business related conflicts. My skills as coach and trainer allow me to deal with large groups. My formation/training as international mediator gave me the necessary skills and knowledge. Last but not least it is my wish to promote understanding between people and solve conflicts.


English mediations will be conducted by myself or together with a native American or English speaker as co-mediator.

Conflict Coaching & Mediation in English

Are you willing to invest time in solutions rather than conflict?

 I will be happy to help!

If there is something you would like to improve in your collaboration with others...and if this improvement is so important that you would invest some time and money in it  - then mediation is the right tool for you.


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