"There is no point in working against resistance, it is better to use it wisely."

When you change your communication,
you change your environment



Example 1:

A co-owner was reluctant for two subsidiaries to merge, despite considerable synergy effects. All the cost savings, facts and figures could not change his mind.


Procedure: Here, an analysis of the co-owner was necessary - what drove him to say no? What were his needs? We suspected: He first wanted to receive recognition for his life's work to date. Based on this, we developed the communication strategy: First give understanding and recognition, then find a win-win solution.


The result: The co-owner agreed, and a holding company was also founded in which he received a 25% share.


Example 2:

A bank director in Prague invited me and wanted to get my take on whether I was the right person for the executive workshop.


Approach: In the conversation, I analyzed his pronounced dominance games (making me wait; not standing up to greet me; ignoring his HR manager who was there; sitting back broadly at the table; interrupting me, etc.) and I considered what he needed to be convinced of my competence. I took part in the game, also using high status body language, telling long and wide about my past successes without letting him interrupt me, at the same time giving him the recognition he so desperately wanted.


Result: I had achieved my goal: he wanted to book me for a longer-term collaboration. After a trial workshop, however, I cancelled the collaboration on my part - because he was resistant to advice :-)


The Communication Hexagon


The Communication Hexagon® is a holistic approach with 6 elements that goes far beyond pure communication training. Because it's not just about which communication tools you use! 


It is also about your inner attitude, your ability to read and understand others, your body language and what you want to achieve with your communication. 


In short: It's all about your appearance - and thus your impact and influence on others!


The 6 steps of the Communication Hexagon® help you to achieve your communication goals.


*This model is based on my numerous trainings and my almost 20 years of coaching and teaching experience with over 9,000 participants.



1. Goals & Motivation

"Anyone who communicates always has a goal or an intention. No one communicates without one."


What is your goal? What do you want to change? What should be different afterwards? Is there a hidden goal?


We determine your goal and your underlying motivation so that you can communicate successfully and with focus.



2. Inner attitude

"Only those who understand themselves can understand others".


What is your inner attitude? Are you confident and level-headed? Are you goal-oriented? Or do you act mindlessly, out of a reflex, an old belief system or a past injury? 


You should want to understand others, be clear about your role, strive for win-win and confidently use the techniques that promise the best success.



3. Understanding others

"There is no point in working against resistance, it is better to use it wisely."


What could be the needs or motives of the other person? What does he or she need? What are his or her strengths?


This way you know what your counterpart needs and can respond to it in a targeted way.


To do this, you need to ask good questions, understand body language, and be able to read between the lines. And you need basic psychological knowledge.


Choice of words

"In the beginning was the word. Immediately afterwards the misunderstanding".


On the basis of steps 1-3, we develop one or more strategies/options to assert your concerns.


Here we use proven formulations and methods as well as successful argumentation sequences. We consider which words might work and how, and what reaction they might elicit.


If you wish, we can also practice this.



Nonverbal appearance

"A wink with the eye says more than a thousand words".


Based on steps 1-3, we consider how you can support and reinforce your words and your point non-verbally.


From body language to seating arrangements, clothing, gestures or use of pauses - all these influence your counterpart and how they understand you.


At the same time, you will learn to recognize the secret signals and non-verbal (power-) games of others.




Effect and reaction

"After your appearance comes the impact - and right after that comes the reaction".

What effect did your words have? What was the reaction? How did the reaction affect you? What has changed?

This retrospective, which in turn is the starting point for a new walk through the communication hexagon, helps you to find ways to assert your concerns with this person in the future.



"Your appearance creates impact and influence!"



Convince others - Find consensus - Resolve conflict

You want to end a dispute? Find consensus?

You want to convince others?

You want to solve a hardened situation?

You want to understand why your counterpart behaves the way he does,
so that you can react adequately?

Are you ready to invest in your communication - and to find a dialog strategy?

I would be happy to advise/coach you!

Cost: 250€ incl. VAT


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