Anabel Schroeder

Born Jan. 21, 1969 in Munich


Lived in Israel, Spain, Germany. Grew up tri-lingual (English, German, Spanish)


Rehfeld 6,

D-53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid

Tel: +49 (0)176-64600495


My motivation

As mediator, coach and trainer, I develop the communication and leadership skills of my participants and facilitate a better understanding between people, strengthen their strengths and develop them in their personality – by creating a respectful and open learning atmosphere, sharing my profound knowledge and experience, giving theoretical inputs with practical orientation, supporting individual solutions, activating the participants, practicing the techniques, and working with a good dose of humour.



"To me personally, obtaining your feedback as expert is worth gold dust. Especially as you have such an innate sense for people. You got to know all of us well, our likes/ dislikes/ pros/ cons/ challenges/ attitudes/ behavioural patterns etc and your feedback is targeted/ well aimed. Your coaching sessions taylored to individual’s need is again invaluable“ Nick, team member change team


"Your coaching has been a universally beneficial experience. People feel that you get them and understand them. Maybe that is just because you ask the right open questions and probe in a gentle yet fearless way to help them realise things which they had previously half known and half hidden. Without being prescriptive you give us a license and reason to try different things in different ways and grow as a result. Having an outsider who really understands us as individuals and as business people is great for bouncing ideas and aspirations for career development with.“ Bob, Team Leader Bank


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Anabel for four months, during which she presented a number of workshops dealing with topics such as presentation skills, persuasion and dealing with resistances. Above all, I was impressed with Anabels ability to make the workshops fun, relevant and practical. And, of course, her friendly and approachable manner means that she can easily be a mentor as well as a coach. I am glad to say that I have used a number of the materials you taught us in London, with my rollout teams, with very positive results.

Paul Mu, Team Excellence Expert, VP, IT Steering, Commerzbank AG, London


"Your humorous and activating seminars are great - especially the great mixture of theory and exercises!!! Thanks for the wonderful workshop "Cultural Intelligence". It made me aware of the different approaches and cultures in our team!" - Amanda, Employee Bank


  • 1994-2000: Project Manager Marketing International, Otto Versand, Hamburg & TIME LIFE, Munich
  • 2000-2003: Senior Consultant DMC GmbH, Hamburg
  • Since 2003 self-employed as coach, trainer, workshop-moderator, business mediator, consultant, and author
  • 2003-today: Company owner of horsesense® training & coaching, humansense® coach-academy and
  • 2010-today: Senior Coach and Trainer for the SYNK Group
  • 2013 – 2017: Lecturer of Communication Psychology, University of Hannover 

German & English: Development of verbal and non-verbal communication (for leaders, managers, teams, and in change processes), conflict resolution, coaching, horse assisted trainings.


In the past 13 years I have had over 5.000 participants in my workshops and trainings in small, middle-sized and large international companies (In England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, and Spain), teaching/coaching communication, intercultural skills, leadership or resolving conflicts in German and English.




  • University graduate Business Administration, Passau, Germany
  • Strength-Coach (Gallup®-based)
  • ICF Certified Business Coach
  • SCRUM Master
  • Psychological Counsellor (Paracelsus),
  • int. certified Business Mediator (Akademie von Hertel),
  • Cultural Intelligence Certified Facilitator (CQ, USA).



Companies that booked me (excerpt)

  • Atlas GmbH, Bremen
  • Edel Music, Hamburg
  • Nycomed Pharma, Zurich, Switzerland
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, Duisburg
  • Phillips Medical, Hamburg
  • Dorint Hotel, Basel, Switzerland
  • McDonalds', Munich
  • Panasonic, Hamburg
  • Connect Chemicals, Düsseldorf
  • Warner Bros., Hamburg
  • Hamburg Port Authority, Hamburg
  • Swiss Life - Zurich, Switzerland
  • SYNK Group, Stuttgart
  • Commerzbank, Frankfurt & London
  • Bremer Landesbank, Bremen
  • Olympus, Hamburg
  • BAYER AG, Leverkusen
  • Emerson Process Management Europe GmbH, Langenfeld
  • Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg
  • ING Diba, Prague, Czechoslovakia



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